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In Which Our Hero is Accused of Spamming

Someone accused me of spamming Twitter because a discussion I started, though I didn't mean to start it, erupted. I take this very seriously, as I associate spamming with meaningless—though sometimes fun—drivel, which I have been guilty of in the past, when this had all the weight of a proper discussion, if in the wrong medium.

It all started this morning while listening to NPR's Morning Edition on an article about fear trumping logic on the health care debate.

I got terribly upset that people were being manipulated away from something that could be beneficial to themselves by people who I feel are almost just being contrary for the sake of being contrary. There could be some nice arguments against health care reform, but they aren't death panels or losing your doctor. And so I made a blog post both here and here. Discussion on that and those points can happen there.

Under the fold lies the transcript, as well as my commentary, on the discussion that followed.

The rest is cut for the sake of your screen not for the sake of your conscienceCollapse )
Here, I have a little soap box and I am going to stand upon it.

I am afraid! You should be afraid too! Afraid that the Conservatives are using your emotions to scare you into action against something that is so beneficial to yourself and your family. The Conservatives are using the biological strength of your fear to be a pawn in their little game of contrariness!

You deserve the right to the public option of health care! Without this, you might find yourself in a position where you and your loved ones will not even get the option to live or die in a hospital bed; health care costs will be too much for your family to handle and the only option that you will have is to die! Here the government is your only friend and protection!

If you allow the Conservatives to command you such, if you allow the Conservatives to pull your strings like you are some sick marionette, then you will be allowing this country to fall into the hands of those like the Arabs and Persians and Pakistanis in the Middle East. Our great nation will fall out off of its place in the sky and come crashing back into the middle ages! Terror and Anarchy will reign and the only option, the private option, will be DEATH!

In which is the second theft in 13 months

Someone stole my laptop. I'm upset. And confused. And lost. I don't know what to do about it. I've filed the report. Just waiting on the everything else. I've searched where it could be.

In Which Our Hero Isn't a Hero, to Anyone

I dropped the ball big time. And it is completely my own fault (except one aspect in which it is mostly my fault). But worse than dropping the ball before, is that I have angered several people, two of whom are extremely important people to me. Social faux pas, how nice of you to visit me after so long. I'm kicking myself, and crying and not really taking this well. Every fiber in my being wants to fix this immediately, but I'm bound by the chains of the work clock. Last time I felt this anxious I was shaking for days, and I doubt that anything different will be this week.

In Which Is A Call for Objects

I'm rolling a Katamari. I need your help. Please give me something. It could be anything.

In Which is Singing and Dancing Excrement

Summer: we gained one cat but i feel like the amount of poop has tripled.

me: oh noes

Summer: hrm?

me: the triplicate poop

Summer: but it is cute poop

me: how is it cute?

Summer: it sings and dances when you go to scoop it

In Which is a Wedding Portrait Update

I've finished the oil sketch and am now working on the large painting. Here are some steps in the oil sketch.

The underdrawing, full of errors and what not:
Oil Sketch Under Drawing

It could have been better, but I fixed things. I forgot how long oil paints take to dry. I got fed up quickly. So, while I was waiting for the fatty whites to dry:
Start of Oil Sketch

Much bettar! After I got the figures done, Matt, my professor told me that I need to nail the composition down more, and he was right. So I threw some shadows in, and then the idea for the background just came so easily. And now finished! With skyflowers:
Finished Oil Sketch

I've the drawing roughly down on the large canvas, but I don't have a picture.

Now, I just need a large tube of Gamblin Terre Verte and I can start rolling on the painting!

In Which Is Discussion on Wedding Attire

I have ideas for what I want to wear for my wedding. I'm pretty sure that I want to wear a wing collared shirt with a black bow tie; they're a simple, smart and elegant choice. Also, a waistcoat or cummerbund would be appropriate and classy. However, the suiting options are what are bogging me down.

At the top of the list of my ideas are the black suit and the tuxedo, either probably made by Thick as Theives. A black suit is the more practical of the two, it can be worn to other occasions and can be adapted well into everyday wear. The tuxedo is a smarter choice, it being a wedding and all, and I'd like to look quite fancy.

However, I have concerns about these, mostly what kind of weather we might have next May. I could certainly get both of these made in a lightweight wool, which would be cool enough to wear in the wedding. But, black generally isn't something worn outside in late spring and early summer. I could opt for a grey suit, and change the bow tie to purple, if I can find it.

Another option, one that has been argued against, but my mind still entertains and it has been advocated by others, would be a kilt. It would be fun, and I like the way that kilts look. But I don't know the Scots history of my family enough to go with the idea; the immigrants had too common a first name to follow back to Scotland.

This great indecision is bothering me, and probably bothering Sums as well.

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In Which Is a Peculiarity

Um... Why the frell is Ryan Reynolds playing Deadpool in the Wolverine movie?

In Which is a Request for Charity

I'm riding The Ride Across Minnesota (hereafter TRAM) this summer to raise money for the National Multiple Sclerosis Society. Or at least I will if I manage to raise $300 for them. So, here, I am letting you know this. If you wish to donate great, any bit can help. If you don't want to donate over the innertubes, I can take cash and cheques (made out to the National MS Society, and please note my name and Bike MS: Star Tribune The Ride Across Minnesota 2009 on your check), just contact me to figure out how to get it to me. If you don't wish to donate, either, I completely understand.